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Cling Wrap Paint Artwork

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This sensory activity will allow children to experience a tactile paint activity without making a mess! It's easy to create and easy to clean up!

  • Step 1Squirt blobs of bright paint onto your canvas. Try and use colours that you think will mix well together.
  • Step 2Cover your canvas with cling wrap. Fold the cling wrap over your artwork so that the paint is contained.
  • Step 3Use your hands to mix the paint together, gently rubbing over the surface.
  • Step 4When you are happy with your artwork peel off the cling wrap and throw it in the bin.
  • Step 5Allow your artwork to dry.

Materials used in this activity

Canvas Panel Art Board - Small - Rectangle
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30 to 59 $2.96 (inc GST) $2.69 (ex GST) 60 or more $2.13 (inc GST) $1.94 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Junior Artist Paint - 500ml - Set of 11 Colours
Product Code: 20806
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3 or more $84.58 (inc GST) $76.89 (ex GST)          
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