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Origami Leap Frog

Go hopping mad this leap year with these fun origami frogs! You could even create a game by making lily pads and seeing who could land their frog on their lily pad first!
  • Step 1Begin with a sheet of origami paper or create a sqaure from A4 paper before completing the first step. With the pattern side facing down fold the paper in half on the diagonal and open back out. Fold on the opposite diagonal and open out again. Flip the paper so the pattern side is now facing up.
  • Step 2Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle with the pattern on the inside, then unfold.
  • Step 3Pick up the paper and guide it into a triangle, letting the paper fold naturally along the lines you have already created. The fold from step 2 will push in towards the middle, bringing the corners down onto one another as shown.
  • Step 4You should now have a triangle. Take the left and right points of the triangle and fold up to the top point, creating 2 smaller triangles. Only take the top flap at each point when you fold, then crease firmly.
  • Step 5Fold each of the small triangles inwards so their edges run down the centre line as shown.
  • Step 6Flip the paper over and bring the right flap over to the left, crease, then fold back out to create a centre line.
  • Step 7Fold the left and right points inwards and down so the outside edges now lay flat against the centre line.
  • Step 8Fold each of these flaps back outwards to align the inside edge to the outside edge.
  • Step 9Bring the top of the paper down, folding it in half. The top part is the frog’s body while underneath are the legs. Flip the paper over. Fold the legs in half so they are now pointing back downwards.
  • Step 10Flip the frog over and use your finger to make the frog jump!

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