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Patty Pan Flower Headband

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This activity is perfect for NAIDOC Week. Research the beautiful headdress made by Torres Strait Islander women and then create beautiful, bright flowers with this simple fold and cut method. Use your flowers to decorate a headband and then you can wear your amazing creation!
  • Step 1 Fold your Patty Pan in half to create a half circle and then fold in half and half again to create a thin wedge.
  • Step 2 Trim the wide edge off your Patty Pan wedge in a zig-zag pattern. When you open up the folded Patty Pan, you will see it has created a flower.
  • Step 3 Repeat the steps above to create another, smaller flower using a contrasting colour Patty Pan.
  • Step 4 Glue the 2 Patty Pans together. To complete the flower, glue a pom pom into the centre. Continue this process to create lots of pretty, bright flowers.
  • Step 5 To create leaves, fold a green Patty Pan in half, and in half again. Cut a leaf shape out of this green wedge and you will now have 4 leaves.
  • Step 6 Use white cardboard to create a headband. Cut a long strip to fit around your head. You may need to cut 2 strips and staple them together. Once you have a strip of cardboard long enough to fit around your head, staple it in place. Glue all of your flowers and leaves to your headband. Allow to dry before wearing.

Materials used in this activity

CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue
Product Code: 10364 250ml
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36 or more $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)          
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Patty Pans - Coloured
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5 or more $9.89 (inc GST) $8.99 (ex GST)          
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Student Scissors
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Pom Poms - Assorted
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3 or more $12.36 (inc GST) $11.24 (ex GST)          
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Cardboard - White - A3
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