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Dough Discovery

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What a great sensory activity! Use touch to find hidden items in your colourful dough. Can you figure out what you’ve found before you actually see it? Is the item hard or soft, flat or round, spiky or smooth? Discover on your own, with a friend or in a small group! 

  • Step 1Choose about five objects and push them into the dough. For younger children, these could include, large shells, small pine cones, pop sticks and pegs.
  • Step 2Squish, push and roll the dough around until the items are completely covered.
  • Step 3Using your fingers, search for objects in the dough and try to identify which object you have found before you can see it.
  • Ask someone to hide objects in the dough for you so you don’t know what’s there!
  • Step 5Make this activity more challenging for the older children by adding smaller objects that are age appropriate. Some ideas for 4-5 year old’s might include buttons, rhinestones or wiggle eyes!

Materials used in this activity

Popsticks - Natural - Pack of 1,000
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Mini Pine Cones - 250g Pack
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EC Fun Dough - 900g - Set of 6 Colours
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