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Felt Laurel Crown

Create a beautiful laurel crown using felt and a headband. The ancient Greeks used the laurel wreath as a symbol of triumph and awarded them to the the winners of athletic competitions including the Olympics.
  • Step 1Use the template provided to trace and cut out several green felt leaves. We have used 18 leaves, however you may need more or less depending on how far apart you attach each leaf. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Starting at one end of your headband, use glue dots to attach your felt leaves in place until you reach the middle of the headband.
  • Alternate the angle of each leaf to create a herringbone pattern.
  • Step 3Once you’ve reached the middle of the headband, start to attach the rest of the felt leaves from the other end of the headband Use the same herringbone pattern until the leaves meet in the middle.
  • Step 4Your Laurel Leaf crown is now ready to wear! Simply place the headband so it wraps around the back of your head, with the ends sitting near your ears.

Materials used in this activity

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