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Pirate Hat and Eye Patch

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Transform yourself into your favourite swash-buckling pirate with our Hat and Eye Patch BLMs!

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  • Step 1Download and print out the template provided. We suggest printing onto cardboard as this provides a great surface for decorating.
  • Step 2Before beginning, carefully use a box cutter to slice along the 2 solid lines within the pirate hat. These will be needed to attach the head band later on.
  • Step 3Use paint, markers or pencils to decorate the template. If needed, allow to dry and then cut out the pieces.
  • Step 4If you wish to add a touch of gold bling to your hat, use glue dots to attach gold tinsel chenille stems around the outside border.
  • Step 5Measure the long strip around your head. You may need to cut and decorate 2 strips and glue them together. It needs to fit all the way around your head with each end finishing approximately 10cm in front of your ears.
  • Step 6Slide one end of the strip through one of the slits, fold flat and secure with glue. Allow to dry and do the same with the other side. You can adjust the size as needed to fit your head.
  • Step 7Use a pin to create a hole at the top left and right hand corners of the eye patch.
  • Step 8Cut a length of elastic that will fit comfortably around your head and then thread and tie an end each through each of the holes.
  • Step 9You’re hat and eye patch arrrrrrrr now ready for a trip on the high seas!

Materials used in this activity

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