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This idea is based on the book 'Parachute' illustrated by Matt Ottley, text by Danny Parker shortlisted for Book Week 2014 Picture Book of the Year. This parachute really floats!

Drop it from a safe height and watch your little person drift safely to the ground! 

  • Step 1Trace a large circle onto a piece of thin plastic and cut it out. We cut ours from a disposable tablecloth.
  • We traced around a dinner plate.
  • Step 3Mark six holes around the edge of the circle as evenly as possible.
  • Step 4Place a small strip of masking tape over each of the marked spots. This will make it easier to punch holes into the plastic.
  • Step 5Punch a hole at each marked spot taking care not to punch them too close to the edge.
  • Step 6Cut six pieces of twine approximately 30cm in length.
  • Step 7Carefully tie each piece of twine to one of the holes in the circle. Tie to secure. Take the ends of the pieces of twine and tie them together taking care not to tangle the strings together.
  • Step 8Decorate a wooden person using paint and collage materials. Allow to dry.
  • Step 9Attach a small block or bead to his back to represent the parachute backpack.
  • Step 10Attach the parachute to the backpack using string. Tie to secure.
  • Step 11Your little man is ready to go parachuting!

Materials used in this activity

Masking Tape
Product Code: 11775 24mm x 50m
EACH $5.49 (inc GST) $4.99 (ex GST)
18 or more $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)          
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Table Cover
Product Code: 12880 Rectangle
EACH $5.49 (inc GST) $4.99 (ex GST)
10 or more $4.06 (inc GST) $3.69 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Junior Artist Paint - 500ml
Product Code: 15800 Set of 11 colours
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