3D Christmas Candles

by EmmaS on the 13th of November 2017

Candles are the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. This beautiful craft activity adds a colourful and personalised touch to your everyday candle and best of all - it’s super easy and mess free!

What You’ll Need:

Step One – Preparing your designs

Before you begin you may wish to sketch out your designs onto a piece of paper so you can get an idea of the size, colours and picture you’d like to use and create.

Step Two – Bringing your design to life

Start by warming up the clay in your hands to make it more pliable and easy to use. You can mould and stretch 2 colours together to create a new colour! Mould your clay into your desired shapes to create your sketched designs.

Step Three – Attaching your designs to the candle

Carefully line up your design on the side of the pillar candle in the desired position. Press the candle clay design firmly onto the pillar candle wrapping it onto the curve of the candle. 

Your beautiful candle is now ready to gift! You may wish to do a different design on the opposite side of the candle or even make a pattern that continues all the way around!

If you have left over candle clay you can always make your own free standing candle with the extra 6 wicks provided.

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