4 Crafty Uses for CleverClay™

by EmmaS on the 11th of September 2017

I’m a model, you know what I mean? Get ready to sculpt, tile, shape and mould with these 4 great uses for CleverClay™!

Have you tried the magic of CleverClay™? Did you know that CleverClay™:

  • Is water resistant! You can submerge it in water and it will keep its colour AND shape.
  • It's stretchy, springy and rubbery! You can stretch and mould it into any shape you like.
  • The colours mix! Non-toxic, oil and stain free, CleverClay™ is easily worked together to mix different colours.
  • It can be reused over and over again! CleverClay™ won't dry out, crack, melt or harden.

CleverClay™ is such a versatile modelling material and can be used in so many different ways!

Before you get started on our 4 great activities be sure to check out our easy to follow colour mixing chart:


Scene in a Jar

Let your imagination run wild! Would you like to sail the seven seas? Frolic with the fairies? Make mischief with the monsters? Bring your dreams to life with CleverClay™ and capture a scene in a jar!

Bright CleverClay™ Magnet/Coaster

Create your own amazing CleverClay™ coaster or fridge magnet! You can mix up the colours of the CleverClay™ just like you can with paint!

3D Self Portrait in Frame

This cute CleverClay™ craft makes the perfect gift! If you don't have a frame you could always just mould a beautiful picture straight onto a canvas or board.

Snow Wonderlands

One of our most popular group packs, our snow wonderlands are the perfect way to utilise the magic of CleverClay™. You can turn any jar with a lid into a snow wonderland - simply sculpt a character and away you go!

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