Friendly Frank Puppet

by EmmaS on the 9th of October 2017

It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE! And we shall call him Frank! Bring your very own friendly Frank monster to life this Halloween with this creepy craft project.

What You'll Need:

Step One – Prepare your Frank

Begin by sketching your Friendly Frank outline onto the cardboard roll and then finish with paint. Allow to dry.

Step Two – Give Frank a face

Glue on some wiggle eyes and use a black felt tip pen to draw in a nose, mouth and some scars.

Step Three – Create and attach Frank's bolts

Use a scalpel or box cutter to carefully create a small hole in either side of Frank's neck.

Bend a chenille stem into a small 'T' shape to create a bolt. Leave around 2cm length at the end. Repeat so you have 2 bolts.

Push the long end of the bolts through the hole and use your fingers to bend the end of the chenille stem that is on the inside of the cardboard roll into a ball so the bolts won't come out.

Step Four – Frank's legs

Create his legs by cutting 2 lengths of black jute twine approximately 7 cm long. Use glue dots to attach each length to a bottle top.

Carefully use a scalpel or box cutter to create two holes at the bottom of the cardboard roll, one on either side. Thread the free ends of the jute twine through the holes making sure to tie a knot at the end so it can't be pulled out.

Step Five – Frank's arms

Cut 2 lengths of green jute twine approximately 7 cm long. Tie a knot in one end of each length. Use the same method as the legs to create holes in either side of the cardboard roll, thread the free end of the twine and knot to secure.

Once secured, use a small piece of double sided tape to keep the twine against the side of the cardboard roll and thus making the arms stick out straight.

Step Six – Creating the puppet frame

Find the middle point of 2 wooden skewers and align in a cross formation. Secure with masking tape.

Step 7 – Attaching Frank to the frame

Carefully use the scalpel or box cutter to create hole at the top of the cardboard roll at the front and back. Thread and tie a length of craft line through each of the holes and then attach to the puppet frame. you will need to attach it to the same arm but with one on either side of the centre point. tie the line onto the skewer then use masking tape to hold in place.

Attach 2 lengths of craft line to each of the bottle tops. You will be able to just press the ends firmly into the glue dot holding the jute twine legs. Attach the other ends to the puppet frames as you did above, this time securing to the opposite skewer as shown.

Your Friendly Frank is now ready to walk, dance and creep his way through Halloween!

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