NAIDOC Week – DIY Paint Brushes

by Chloe H on the 12th of June 2018

Use natural materials to create your own paint brushes! Experiment and play with the unique textures and lines your brushes will create!

You'll Need:

Step One – Sorting through the driftwood

Sort through your driftwood and find suitable pieces that can act as the handle of your paint brush.

Step Two – Finding the greenery

Go out to your garden and gather a variety of greenery, including leaves and flowers, based on what type of stroke you want your paint brushes to create.

Step Three – Holding the pieces together

Place the greenery at one end of the driftwood and use raffia to wrap the driftwood and the greenery, securing the two together. 

Step Four – Tying the raffia in a knot and trimming

Once the two are wrapped to your liking , tie the raffia into a knot and tighten. Once the knot is secure you may need to trim the raffia depending on the length left. Your paint brushes are now ready to use!

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