Phone Cosy

by EmmaS on the 7th of August 2017

Is Dad prone to the old crack in the phone screen? Make him a personalised phone cosy that he loves and his phone will always be safe!

What You'll Need:

Step One – Sewing the phone pouch

Cut 2 pieces of felt slightly larger than the size of the phone you are using. Use a blanket stitch to join the 2 pieces of felt together. Remember not to sew the top together as this will be the opening!

CLEVERTIP – Look to our tips page on How to create a Blanket Stitch.

Step Two – Creating the basic design

Use spare paper to create templates for the design elements on your phone cosy. Cut out the shapes you would like to use from coloured felt.

Step Three – Adding details to the design elements

If you plan on decorating the felt pieces further, be sure to do so before securing them to the main phone cosy. In our example, we added a face to the sun by glueing on wiggle eyes and stitching in a smile. Allow to dry if needed.

Step Four – Applying the design to the phone cosy

Once you are happy with your decorative felt pieces, secure them to the phone cosy using glue. Allow to dry.

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